Feel Good Friday: York Region to Italy

Category : COVID-19, Feel Good Friday
Aug 7, 2020

York Regional Police's Detective Constable Dovelin Hawthorne launched an online challenge to gather soccer cleats for aspiring players in his hometown of Hanover, Jamaica. 3,000 plus donations were made to the #YRPCaringCleats drive from residents and organizations across York Region!


Two young tennis players, 13-year old Vittoria and 11-year old Carola, from Finale Ligure, Italy were stunned when tennis champion Roger Federer surprised them for a rooftop match. During the COVID-19 lockdown in Italy, Vittoria and Carola found a creative way to play a ‘socially distanced’ tennis match from their rooftops. Federer saw a video of their game, and decided to surprise the girls at home!


At 96-years-old, Giuseppe Paternò is Italy’s oldest university graduate. In July (2020), he graduated the top of his class from the University of Palermo with a degree in Philosophical and Historical Studies. Paternò is a WW2 veteran, a grandfather and a former railway worker. According to Reuters, he grew up in a poor family in Sicily and received only basic schooling as a child. At the age of 31, Paternò graduated from high school, and in his 90's, he enrolled in the three-year university degree program.