Spicing Up our Travel Dreams with a little Grenada Dreaming

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Jun 27, 2020

Grenada is safe, beautiful, and naturally lends itself to reconnecting with oneself, one’s partners and friends, and of course the great outdoors. Sounds like precisely what we'll all be seeking in our next vacation.

An authentic Caribbean island that exudes charm and is full of warm and friendly people, Discover Grenada offers visitors the opportunity to hike through pristine rainforests, get zen with outdoor yoga, chase waterfalls, lounge on gorgeous beaches, and connect with a rich Anglo-African history. Known as the Spice of the Caribbean - you'll also not want to miss out on sampling the spice-infused cuisine. Visitors are encouraged to explore the island on the their own, since Grenada is confident in the safety of their island and the friendliness of the locals.